blue and metallic gold mixed media painting with sofa by cheryl wasilow


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Contemporary blue and metallic gold incorporating a paint brush, wood paint stick and empty used paint containers within the mixed media artwork. It was created on a 24 x 36 stretched canvas. This art is a one of a kind mixed media 3D unique original painting created by Cheryl Wasilow.

Anyone who loves and appreciates original paintings and artwork or who has kids interested in creating art will love this painting. I find it inspiring artistically. 

...................Note to you .............The painting in general is a very pretty saturated blue with different shades throughout like in the picture with the settee! There are some gray tones, green tones, orange and bright metallic gold, but overall it is blue not gray, the way it shows in the other pictures. Before you purchase I can take a quick shot outside for you. Please contact me if you want that. 

Acrylics and mixed media with lots of interesting texture and items incorporated onto the surface. I also used dry wall compound for texture. Please do not drop it or hit the surface. Always treat your original paintings in a careful manner in order to avoid damaging the wood stretcher bars or the surface. 

Shipping is $65 and arrives with a direct signature confirmation.

24 x 36 x 3/4" deep profile stretched canvas

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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