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Champagne Taste #1

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This is a blue green turquoise painting in abstract style on large 36 x 48 canvas. It is mixed media incorporating a sand paper block and paper with acrylic paints and mediums. The bohemian style will enhance any interior design style, urban, modern, minimalist, contemporary, rustic, transitional and traditional. 

This original painting has been completely painted over and is now a part of a series called Champagne Taste. The first underpainting is mostly metallic gold. The second underpainting is mostly black and the new painting is mostly turquoise green.  If you take a look at my blog post you will see the second underpainting and the new painting. I didn't take pictures of the first mostly gold painting so therefore it is not presented. 

I have displayed some closeup pictures of the sandpaper block and heavy metallic gold paint which both protrude from the painting. The sandpaper has a natural amount of tiny shiny glittery affect. No glitter was added as it is a part of the sandpaper. 

I also added two close up pictures of the paper texture on the painting. 

The picture showcasing three paintings in my art studio are of this painting and the other 2 in the series. Each is for sale in my shop under Original Abstract Paintings. 

...................Paintings are not to scale in room settings! Please measure the size.

Shipping cost is $65 to anywhere in the continental US.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me before purchasing.  Thank you.

Link to Champagne Taste #2 


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