As an artist with an art business sometimes you just don't have enough time to do it all!

In fact I never have time to do it all!  Ever!  There is no way to keep up with your own successful art business if you have no help. I have no help whatsoever.


It is very difficult to get someone to help with your art business because by the time you are successful enough so that you can afford to hire someone, even part time as an independent contractor, you cannot find that person.

Mostly you need someone who is responsible enough to show up a couple of times a week and whom you can trust to perform the various important tasks at hand so that you can paint!  Most people with the skills to learn the job who are also responsible enough to perform the tasks correctly want more than an independent contractor position. 

Unless you have someone in your family or a friend who has no job it is pretty much impossible to get help. If you're thinking a high school kid or college kid, no. They have other fish to fry and cannot commit. They will also leave for school and this will not work for your business. 

Just my art rant for today! Too bad my little guy Teddy below can't perform the duties at hand however he does inspire my love for painting and he keeps me motivated to work work work! 


shiranian white puppy with pajamas