Artist Statement

The artist, Cheryl Wasilow, 
making powerful visual statements using color, mixed media and striking imagery, the prism through which the artist views the world is reflected in her original, bohemian-inspired body of work.

Having sold to private collectors in Palm Beach and Miami, the artist has moved her business North and has expanded her client base Professionally into New York City, Westchester County and Westport, CT. Online everywhere within the continental US. I now reside in the Allentown, PA area. 

She collaborates with interior designers and their clients to complete the interior design plan by providing custom original paintings which reflect the clients desires.

In addition she has created an art gallery online and is collaborating with clients all over the country to enhance their interiors with her original art.

 She opened in 2011 and has been in business online continuously to date.

Artist Statement

I’m a mixed media abstract artist who is internally driven to paint every day. The goal of the art is to transform a static environment into a space which is alive with interest.

A flash of something can inspire the whole painting.  I start by allowing the paint and the other mediums to guide the direction of the painting, often having only a vague idea of what I intend.  At some point things start to show up providing a direction for the work.  I have a tendency to become fearless and aggressive with paint, color and texture until the painting is completed.
  I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Before I Go Any Further, This is the Boss!!

The Stork Brought Teddy Bear Home at 2 months Old.  Little did I know he would become My Executive Assistant! 

And blossom! 

My shop offers, acrylic and mixed media, contemporary, modern, abstract art and large custom paintings on canvas, one of a kind, painted and created by me, Cheryl Wasilow.  Beautiful stylish wall art for your home and office decor.


I'm fascinated with the process of creating specific colors and combining mediums into the paint to create distinctive textures on a variety of surfaces. The whole experience of creating the art is an "in the zone" experience. I create original one of a kind paintings in many sizes on canvas, paper and wood.

large abstract painting with pink, yellow, green, rusty red and charcoal on unstretched canvas

I provide beautiful stylish wall art for your home and office decor.
  I opened my first online gallery in Nov. 2011 and have been in business continuously since that time. 

My Original Paintings are being Showcased all over the world in Law Firms, Interior Design Firms, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Upscale Apartment Buildings, Hotels, Architectural Firms, Doctor's and Surgeons Offices. California Homestagers purchase my paintings to enhance and showcase their pricey listings on the Ocean and in Beverly Hills. I work with art consultants in NYC who purchase my originals to enhance every type of exclusive building in New York including high end residential Penthouses and Apartments in Manhatten. 

My work was featured in Elle Decor Magazine after a clients loft space was showcased. 

I work with Art Dealers and Art Consultants throughout the US.

I no longer ship outside the Continental US.  

I also have many, many Wonderful Residential Customers and Clients all over the country who are Art Collectors and Art Lovers who have their homes and vacation homes and beach houses filled with my original paintings. I work with individuals, home owners, business owners, etc. to create original custom artwork statement pieces for their spaces. 

In addition I regularly work with interior designers on residential and large commercial projects.

I love what I do and the people I meet are fantastic clients and Art Lovers!

I recently finished an eight month project of commissions for a brand new large commercial building in Seattle, WA through the Interior Design Firm Representing them.

If you want to own one of my original paintings and you would like me to add a touch of another color because it would bring your home decor/ space together, I would be happy to add that color in my own abstract style. Please contact me before you purchase so we can discuss it.

My paintings are created to enhance your environment in your own space. I understand interior design and work with customers who are very artsy! I love it!!!

I am fully capable of creating a brand new custom painting just for you. If you like my style but need a specific color or combinations of colors please feel free to contact me so we can discuss together. My custom work is created in larger sizes only. Please contact me to discuss sizes and what you would like created. There are times when I will not be able to accept a custom creation. Discussion is the key.

I want you to be very very happy with your purchase.

  Please feel free to contact me before purchasing with any and all questions you might have regarding the physical aspects of the painting.


Thanks for visiting my online abstract painting art gallery Cherylwasilowart.  

I want you to come back again and again!! Buy with confidence because you are the most important part of my business. 

Copyright cherylwasilowart I hold the right to copy all of my artwork. Copying an artist's work for commercial purposes is illegal in the U.S. comprising both a civil and potentially criminal violation of the copyright statute. When you purchase the original you do not have the right to reproduce or copy my art in any way.

Allentown, PA artist.

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