TITLE Q - Update on the revised painting!

Hi everyone,

It did take me forever to get back to this original abstract but I'm glad I finally had the time to devote to the revision. This painting is now part of my new series called Champaign Taste! I removed the video and will need to recreate it. 

The "before painting" is below. The title of this one is Q.

Black, gray and metallic gold large abstract mixed media painting.

It has been completely painted over. Below is the new revised painting titled Champagne Taste #1 

green blue turquoise seaside colored large abstract painting on canvas


I decided to revise two other finished mixed media paintings and did the same! Below is the revised painting.Ck out my subsequent blog posts to see the before and after pictures of the other two repainted canvas paintings. 

I'll be adding the before and after pics of the other two revised works of art for this series in my next two blog posts.  

Title changed from Q to new series Champagne Taste #1, #2 and #3.

Thank you for reading my posts. 



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